Discover Your Identity & Build Your Confidence

How to build an unshakable foundation for a successful life | taught by Michael McGreevy
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Michael McGreevy
Michael McGreevy
Transformational Coach

About the instructor

Beginning in high school, I spent ten years shackled by fear and insecurity. Panic attacks kept me home from school, fear silenced me in class and lack of confidence told me to play it safe. I was a fraction of the person I could have been. My grades, musical potential, athletic performance, relationships and future all suffered greatly. Fear and insecurity owned my life and I didn’t know what to do. There were times I considered death to be a better alternative than being stuck my whole life. I was hopeless.

My rescue came in the form of… tragedy. I watched a friend fall two stories to his death on a construction site. The memory of seeing his parents pain will never leave my mind. It’s the same memory that gave me the strength to save two family friends from drowning. I discovered something about myself that day. There was strength and courage in me.

I'm fortunate to live out my purpose in life as a professional life coach. I help men all over the world discover their authentic identities and build an unshakable foundation for a successful life. 

I'm happily married and a father of 3 beautiful children.

Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my life supposed to be about? If you're like me, you're not entirely sure how to answer these questions..

I've discovered that when you know who you are; the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHEN are a whole lot easier. As a professional leadership coach, I've since helped hundreds of men discover their authentic identities. Everything I've learned I've made available to you in this course.

Knowing your identity builds an unshakable foundation for a successful life. Finally, the tools you need to discover who you truly are are right in front of you. I look forward to walking with you through this process of discovery your authentic identity. See you inside!

Course Contents

12 Videos
16 PDFs
5.0 hrs